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Red Cat Adventures has been extremely privileged to go On Country with the Traditional Owners Reference Group (TORG) through Reef Catchments and explore three sites in Nara Inlet, Hook Island (one not recorded).  We also provided access to Paradise Cove, Woodwark Bay, where the TORG and archaeologists inspected recorded sites of middens and a fish trap, and in addition an almost forgotten burial site of a Gia man.


We continue to work with the TORG to protect these sites, as well as develop interpretive information to share with the wider community.  

14th May 2021

With the assistance of funding from the Reef Assist Program through Reef Catchments, Red Cat Reefsearch hosted members of the Ngaro Working Group and facilitated another visit to the Nara Inlet Cultural site.  The purpose of the day was to visit the country, as well as work together on ideas for further projects that we can work together on.  It was a fantastic day, with the wind sailing Tongarra at record speed to the Inlet, sharing stories about the original inhabitants of the Whitsunday Islands and only a little mischief from the spirits!

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